Something like a poem

I once wrote, once wrote something , something like a poem

I wrote the thoughts that cluttered my mind,

and the voices without faces,

whom i could never find.

I once wrote something , something like a poem.


Tried but failed, to jot a few lines. 

The irony in the face of my agony,

the state of my never ending dichotomy.

There was so much, so much to write;

So I once tried something, something like a poem.

Lost in the chaos.

was my identity.

Couldn’t hear the prophet,

speaking behind the voice of my stupidity.

So I once hoped, hoped something like a poem.


It would have all the rhyme in the world.

It could be written with a vibe that was bold.

It would have a flow, till the end.

A flow among the hideous atrocity.

So I once wrote something, wrote something like a poem