Hatred, such a potent force!

Always among us, it has no remorse.

It has no remorse for its cruelty,

Neither can it feel pain,

Nor does it subsides it brutality.


For centuries has it bonded men together.

Innocents from all race and religion got slaughtered.

Its calling is clear as the ” Fat boy’s” bladder.

At the end of a barrel sometimes,

and sometimes a dangling sword delivering the order.


But how could it rise to such power?

How did we let it become humanity’s master?

Though that seems to be a mystical answer,

Love lost in the process, hatred rose to divine stature.


Enough off hate,

Hate brings no laughter, seeks only disaster.

Let’s end this hysterical chapter.

Let’s break the shackles of hate.

for once start a love affair.