Broken Heart and a Cigarette Butt

She was there, gaping up above

Up above into the night sky.

With thousand thoughts,

Filled with agony and aghast,

There she sat, with a broken heart.

        Lonely as the stars, did she feel;

        Grazing her skin was the breezy chill.

        Riddled were her emotions as the moments pass,

        Her heart was empty, nothing more to steal.

Staring into the infinite, was a broken heart,

Felt the warmth of a cigarette butt.

As the night passed, died a young girl;

But only for a woman to take birth.


Moving through my thoughts and juggling with words, trying to venture into a new realm of infinities is the purpose of this adventure that I am calling as WORDS and THOUGHTS. It is a small step of possibilities but a giant leap for opportunities, opportunities to carve out realism with the chisel of thoughts and on the stone of words. The exploration is to seek out the Nebulae, to pen down the majesty, to surrender into the vastness of the cosmos of WORDS and THOUGHTS, collecting the beads, threading them in poetry, and not just stop there but have sneak behind the event horizon, if possible. The journey is expected to be bumpy, not at all pretty but  with warm wishes , a few well wishes , a nudge here and a nudge there, the Wanderer will embark the journey through WORDS and THOUGHTS.